Yoon eun hye is dating modern dating struggle

Unnie I really miss u..happy and healthy..we can see your drama soon...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love this lady..is so pretty and talented...i wish she can do more movies and drama series. But if I can get one chance to see her once again, I will be satisfied and happy enough. I want to see you play with the drama Gong Yoo oppa again.I am curious if she is into relationship, she seem to be tied up with career, i hope she would find a man who can really take care of such a beauty. I've lost interest in Kdrama land for more than 2 years now. I really hope you can comebck to television drama series bck.... I hope you can meet again in the latest drama after 10 years of drama " Coffee Prince " finished. for whatever korean netizen said or every issue has spread in korea remember that you still have a loyal fans in another place, in another country that willingly buying and having every thing about you, even we collect the magazine that makes you as its cover.for drama team production with good and consistent story please remember that Yoon Eun Hye was the actress who ever makes dramas became popular and big hit.

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we'll copy this but let's redesign and restyle the ruffles. I'm so glad that it's over and she's in the 2nd place.

Let's spread love and support to all K Stars, after all we all love their dramas. You're one of the greatest so heads up but keep your feet on the ground.

so please unnie keep strong even when other people badmouthing about you remember you still have fans world wide not only in korea.

we all know human makes mistakes but it doesn't mean she or he doesnt even deserve a second chance.

Here's a designer's idea about fashion: fashion is the emergence of "Fashion Trends". Fashion design is “utilitarian” and anything considered utilitarian (like cars, clothing and food) can’t be copyrighted.

Ex: Canned goods: a lot are alike but they're made of diff ingredients; varied rolled rice: almost the same but w/ diff taste and ingredients etc.. The logic is this: “everyday things" are important in the society, that if someone were to hold "power" over them, we’d likely all be walking around naked, eating raw and getting around on horseback(many vehicles are alike). Hoping this simple explanation cleared those questioning thoughts about what happened in Muse Dress 2.And to clarify or help those who doesn't really know about fashion; to enlighten you guys: Fashion is the emergence of "Fashion Trends". Fashion design is “utilitarian,” and anything considered utilitarian (like cars, clothing and food) can’t be copyrighted.Ex: century tuna and corned beef: appearance are almost the same, but thy're not.In regard to the mob mentality about her plagiarizing; pls.watch the episodes so that you'll understand how she came up w/ each design.Looking forward to your future projects after all this plagiarism scandal. Ur a good and pretty actress in "Coffee Prince" since ive watched it last 2007 and up to the present that im on my work vacation i had watched it again the whole episode for just 5 days and i have still the "pirated" dvd of it...i just love to watch it over and over again... BINHYE COUPLE in an action good movie or drama huhuhu .. Reposting my comment: It's my way of supporting my forever idol Yoon Eun Hye.

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