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It is then recovered, cleaned, reloaded, and refired.Cartridge has a cylindrical body that contains an illuminating candle and parachute assembly.Cartridges assembled with the M524 (A1, A2, A3, or A4) fuze are for use by the U. The M374A1 and M374A2 cartridges are fitted with the M90A1 propelling charge.

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The cartridge uses the M205 propelling charge and is assembled with the M567 or M524-series fuze.

M816 IR ILLUM The M816 81mm Infrared Illumination Cartridge with Mechanical Time - Super Quick (MTSQ) Fuze is designed for use with the M252 81mm Light Battalion Mortar System, currently fielded to all Light Infantry units in the Army.

The round consists of a two-piece body filled with illuminating flare, M772 MTSQ fuze and tail assembly. Cartridge has a cylindrical body and contains red phosphorus (RP) that produces white smoke on contact with air.

The round is ballistically similar to the 81mm High Explosive (HE) and smoke cartridges. The cartridge uses the M218 propelling charge, which consists of four horseshoe-shaped increments fitted around the tail.

The round is used to illuminate targets during night operations.

Infrared Illumination greatly enhances the effectiveness of night vision devices.

The projectile emits a puff of smoke and an audible report upon impact, but no fragmentation.

At the time of firing, the sabot is also expelled from the mortar and impacts 6.5 to 49 feet (2 - 15 m) from the mortar.

The round has a burst height of 600 meters and provides illumination for about 60 seconds for an area of about 1,200 meters. It uses the M185 propelling charge that consists of eight increments fitted into the spaces between the fins and held by a propellant holder.

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