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Lastly if your hotel has a Filipina maid she may know of some other Filipinas that want to make some extra money.

Ask her if she knows any girls that would like to meet a foreigner and hope she says yes.

You could also try meeting hookers in Kuwait City online on various dating apps like Tinder or Badoo.

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Be on the lookout for Chinese girls in the malls that seem to friendly, they are probably prostitutes.

We can’t tell you the locations of any of these places because they move around often.

This is no guarantee, but in this city there will never be a guarantee.

The hotel doorman will be the same, though they may not be as up on the scene as a taxi driver.

Don’t expect to go to any topless or full nude strip clubs with liquor here, those places may exist for the rich elite but as a tourist you won’t find them.

But as this Kuwait City sex guide will show there are plenty of hookers around town..

The best ways to find hookers here will first to be asking the right people. They don’t make a lot of money and will be glad to help you out to make a little more.

The taxi drivers may play dumb at first since it is illegal, but if you keep pressing them they may take you to find girls for sex.

You can find some hookers on the streets in areas around certain malls like Al Manshar and Al Qourt Malls.

Mahboula is another red light area of town where street prostitutes in Kuwait City have been known to ply their trade.

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