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Just ask her friend Nicole who patiently listens every week as Kelly extols the virtues of her newest boy toy.

There are a lot of obstacles that come between people, some are invisible and some you have to look dead in the eye while they break your heart.

This year also sees more niche parties trying their luck -- the Peace Pigeon Union is campaigning to promote "peaceful land and sea pigeon racing as a legitimate entertainment" to dispel the stigma around the sport.

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Taiwan is on the verge of making history and becoming the first Asian country to allow same-sex marriage.

Supporters say they have the endorsement of a bipartisan group of almost half of parliament.

The songs, their messages, and most of all their language, are quite simply eternal.

Play this lovely game named Rapunzel Be My Valentine and help this couple celebrate their anniversary on the most romantic date!

And even more than that – it supports both required values and default values too.

If the JSON is invalid, the command returns a detailed description of error(s).

Flynn And Rapunzel are celebrating the day they have first met right...

You've come to the right place if you're looking for dating and relationship help, online or off!

Smart people tend to have spent more time on their achievements than on relationships when they were younger.

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