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The respondent consented to the dissolution of marriage, saying the love between the two of them had long faded .Responding to Musilimat ’s petition, the court ’s president , Mr .

“The husband will be responsible for any cost of missing valuables and the wife is entitled to compensation , ’’ he said.

Akinniyi urged the estranged couple to maintain peace and adjourned the case until April 26 for judgment . District Judge John Bates on Tuesday called the government's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program "virtually unexplained" and therefore "unlawful." However, he stayed his ruling for 90 days to give the Department of Homeland Security a chance to provide more solid reasoning for ending the program.

The petitioner said that her husband threw her belongings out of her matrimonial home during her absence during which the money she kept (over N 800 , 000 ) kept inside her different boxes were stolen .

“I went to the hospital to take care of my daughter from my first marriage, who suffered from a gas explosion .

There is only one thing standing in the way, however, as one of the most exclusive beach destinations in the country, you will need to have deep wallets if you want to a get good time here.

A five - year - marriage is on the brink of collapse as Mrs .

“The respondent should have requested for the return of the dowry he paid on the wife from the wife’s parents .

“Better still , he should have sought the dissolution of the marriage at the court of law before such an action could take place .

“The husband should have rented another apartment for the petitioner and the child since he does not want her again.

“He should have moved her belongings there for safe custody, before the petitioner ’s return .

Akin Akinniyi, said that it was wrong in a valid marriage for a husband to pack out his wife’s belongings from their matrimonial home .

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