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“Regardless of what this investigation finds, there is a family in Baton Rouge and there is a community that is grieving right now,” Earnest said.

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Sterling’s family members were heartbroken by the video, and said they were outraged at what they said was a deadly instance of racial profiling.

Sandra Sterling, an aunt who said she raised Alton as her own son after his mother died, compared Tuesday’s killing to the fatal police-involved shooting of a white 6-year-old in November in Marksville, La., after which two Louisiana officers were arrested and charged with murder.

Attorneys for both officers could not be reached for comment.

“The officers feel they were completely justified,” Moore said during a news conference.

Cellphone video showing Sterling on the ground, underneath two officers, when he was killed, began circulating online early Tuesday evening.

By the end of the night, the outrage was rippling nationwide.

While he stressed that any fatal shooting is a tragedy and that the public deserves answers, Serpas said it is important that law enforcement officials balance the need to release information publicly with the need to get the investigation done correctly.

“Many members of the public see what they thought was a murder right in front of them on the video, and it very well might have been,” Serpas said.

And, as has been the case after dozens of other fatal police shootings in recent years, the first versions of what happened are coming more from a video showing a fragment of the incident than from police.

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