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From infinity-edged beauties with never-ending views, to floating oases with direct ocean access – we round up the best swimming pools to cool off in, from Asia to Africa and beyond. Laucala Island, Fiji This private-island holiday home of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz is almost kitsch in its perfection: four square-miles of private forest and coconut groves.

The pools are sensational; one is glass edged, allowing swimmers to see the surroundings from underwater, while another (dotted with palm-planted islands) has a sandy floor that rises on to the beach.

One of its hidden gems is the Wunderkammer, the so-called ‘cabinet of curiosities’, with more than 2,200 pieces.

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Not to steal it, of course, although that did happen back in 1911, besides which she is now firmly ensconced behind thick, bullet-proof glass and phalanxes of gawping tourists.

No, here you can get up close and even flip the picture to look at the back, to see how this humble plank of poplar wood has been maintained over the 500 years since it was first painted.

Chief among all his major oil paintings, however, is the unassuming, largely unfinished Norham Castle, Sunrise of 1845.

There is a great deal more to the online home of the NPG than grinning celebrities and historical portraits.

Over three panels this medieval triptych degenerates from a Biblical scene into a playground of frolicking nudes One click into Pradomedia (translated into Spanglish as ‘didactic materials’) reveals a wealth of content about its collection, with videos aplenty and 228 audioguides, including a gem in which Richard Hamilton discusses his love of Goya.

In-depth commentary allows you to delve further into a number of iconic paintings (explaining why one of Dürer’s eyes in his self-portrait looks directly at you and the other stares beyond, for example), and you can download the Second Canvas app to see 14 more masterpieces and up-close details.

A search can bring up anything from Princess Diana (47 portraits), policemen (13 pictures) or ready made tours under categories such as kings, actresses or writers.

The exhibitions are well supplemented by curators’ tours in audio or video.

Explore the reclining beauty that is La Grande Odalisque, painted by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres in 1814.

It’s one of many works by the artist at the Louvre, and is carefully dissected here so that you can understand why he made her naked form so elegantly elongated.

You can avoid all this pain by doing your art browsing from the comfort of your own sofa.

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