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in iambic pentameters, usually every even-numbered syllable).

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The foot is often compared to a musical measure and the long and short syllables to whole notes and half notes.

In English poetry, feet are determined by emphasis rather than length, with stressed and unstressed syllables serving the same function as long and short syllables in classical metre.

The most exhaustive compilations, such as the modern ones by Patwardhan and Velankar contain over 600 metres.

This is a substantially larger repertoire than in any other metrical tradition.

The basic unit in Greek and Latin prosody is a mora, which is defined as a single short syllable. A long syllable contains either a long vowel, a diphthong, or a short vowel followed by two or more consonants.

Various rules of elision sometimes prevent a grammatical syllable from making a full syllable, and certain other lengthening and shortening rules (such as correption) can create long or short syllables in contexts where one would expect the opposite.

For example, if the feet are iambs, and if there are five feet to a line, then it is called a iambic pentameter.

Sometimes a natural pause occurs in the middle of a line rather than at a line-break. A good example is from The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare; the caesurae are indicated by '/': In Latin and Greek poetry, a caesura is a break within a foot caused by the end of a word.

This occurs in Sanskrit poetry; see Vedic metre and Sanskrit metre.

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