Who is trick daddy dating

Mat is the single father of Carmensita, and is a generally calm guy who likes alternative music and coffee.

Robert is a somewhat mysterious and rugged man who keeps to himself.

I had a good look into her mischievous eyes, and the lights came on.

This whole thing, this whole scene was all new to me, but I'm not a complete idiot. "Very bad, daddy," she replied, one hand still behind her back, the other fooling with the bottom of her tie. No one had ever called me daddy, and I have two kids.

While he competes with the player character, he's very friendly about it.

The owner of a local coffee shop called the "Coffee Spoon", and apparently the player's other next-door neighbor.

Craig is a fitness fanatic who just so happens to be the old college room-mate of the player character.

He's recently divorced, and has shared custody of his three daughters, twins Briar and Hazel, and a baby called River.You know, short black skirt, those black stockings that come just over the knee, and a wide striped tie done loosely around the open collar of a stiff white blouse."Well yes, you really shouldn't do that young lady," I replied earnestly.A DJ, Quizmaster, Haunted Tour Guide, and an Aspiring Actor, who acts as an NPC in several routes.He is mentioned to have several more jobs, has a business card and, as we learn in some routes, a rocky relationship with his wife.He is often found at the bar in the early hours of the morning.

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