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Shortly before his death in summer 1380, the king permitted the hostages to return home..In 1389, Sinclair attended the hailing of King Eric in Norway, pledging his oath of fealty.

According to Knight and Lomas, the Templars learned that to sail to that continent, they had to follow a star by the same name. The theory also makes use of the supposed Templar connection to explain the name Nova Scotia ("New Scotland" in Latin).

It is based on the 18th-century tale that some Templars escaped the suppression of their order by fleeing to Scotland during the reign of Robert the Bruce Rosslyn Chapel was built by Sir William St Clair, last St Clair Earl of Orkney, who was the grandson of Henry.

Initially trialling de L'Arde as Captain of Orkney, King Haakon VI of Norway was quickly disappointed in de L'Arde's behaviour, and sacked him.

On 2 August 1379, at Marstrand, near T√łnsberg, Norway, Haakon chose Sinclair over Sparre, investing Sinclair with the Jarldom.

The authenticity of the letters (which were allegedly rediscovered and published in the early 16th century), the exact course of the voyage, as well as whether it even took place, are challenged by historians.

Most regard the letters (and the accompanying map) as a hoax by the Zenos or their publishers.

It is unknown if Haakon VI ever attempted to call upon the troops pledged by Henry or if any of the fee was actually paid.

As security for upholding the agreement the new jarl left hostages behind when he departed Norway for Orkney.

Moreover, the rock in question is not thought to have been accessible during the time of Sinclair's alleged journey.

In addition, some writers such as Native American historian Evan Pritchard have claimed that Glooscap, the spiritual hero figure of the Mi'kmaq people, is in fact a depiction of an early European explorer, most likely Henry Sinclair.

It is supposed that he died shortly after that although his son did not take the title until 1412. In the 1980s, modern alternative histories of Earl Henry I Sinclair and Rosslyn Chapel began to be published.

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