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Points will be given, winners will be chosen and careers will be altered forever…allegedly. Lo, MMA, dating, his insane body, and what went wrong with "Jem and the Holograms" (or as one host... As far as celebrity feuds go, the Rose-West beef is rocketing to new levels.It's time to play "Simon Says" with this week's guest, Dirt Nasty himself, Simon Rex! Amber Rose herself came in to the podcast to give her side of the story and respond to West's barrage of Tweets.There are rumours the pair were introduced to each other by Ed Sheeran while Adele was recovering from throat surgery in 2011 - however Ed shot down those rumours on Twitter in 2012, tweeting: "Despite what some papers believe, I had nothing to do with Adele meeting her boyfriend.

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We’re really attached to the show, it’s like our baby. Did you have any sort of pre-existing relationship with Lance Bass? During shooting I was sober the whole time so I decided to make it part of my character. I’m not that desperate for work, I’ve got three movies coming out, I’ve got a nice house. Did Kurt Loder, John Norris, or any other gay MTV news anchor ever flirt with you?

isn’t the only blog who posted and loved the pilot of . Pretty much, just anticipating what’s going to happen next. He called me up, we sat down together and talked about ideas for a show; for a , except instead of the guy who always gets the girl, it’s the opposite. I think improv is way more interesting to watch and way funner to do as an actor. A lot of times as an actor when you have lines, it’s harder to be natural. Everyone knows you used to date Paris Hilton and Jaime Pressly who both star in the pilot. I actually went sober for a month on a bet with my friends. The angle is funny, that the [porn movies] were all part of this plan to make me famous, but it’s not the focus of the show. Surprisingly I haven’t anything gotten anything too creepy. Or people will tell me what other people say about me, like I’d be hanging with a chick, like on a date, and she would say “this guy was talking smack about you.” You get those negative comments from other guys who are trying to get in a girl’s pants, maybe someone I’ve dated.

This led to them setting up the charity Drop4Drop, which campaigns to provide clean water in poor countries.

Simon and Adele were first spotted together in January 2012 when they holidayed together in Florida - and enjoyed alligator-spotting together.

But in 2012, the usually-private singer confirmed in a blog post on her website that Simon was very much divorced and had been for four years.

Two totally opposite friends – comedian Theo Von and filmmaker/journalist Matt Cole Weiss -- compete to see who has better “alleged" tales of celebrities, hilarity, trauma, dating, success and failure from their years living in Hollywood.

Simon Konecki is a charity CEO who was born on April 1974 in New York but moved with his family to London when he was 10 years old.

While his sisters attended Princess Anne’s alma mater Roedean, Simon went to Eton and was a contemporary of Tom Parker-Bowles and Bear Grylls.

It’s like, you come in the room, you see your ex-girlfriend, you’re caught in the middle of it, then GO. Honestly in this day and age, as long as it gets on the air, people will find it, but I think Showtime would be good because I want the freedom to curse and do all the dirty content that makes the show what it is. No, it’s just a funny thing to do [for the show] because everyone in Hollywood is either on drugs or in rehab. When I worked at MTV, I would get fan mail sent to MTV. Those are the scary ones because they might really kill me. You get snide comments, like when I was with Paris, “Oh there’s the porn couple.” It’s so high school that sort of thing.

It’s all improv, there’s not one line written in the show. The director saw him during a comedy show we did together and thought he would be perfect for [.

In 2013 the couple had their first child, a son called Angelo.

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