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Hoggard has denied ever engaging in non-consensual sexual behaviour, but he admits he has behaved in a way that objectifies women.

The group has been dropped by its management team, blacklisted by scores of radio stations and abandoned by musicians booked as tour openers.

Ahead of the Kelowna show, fans were handing out flyers in support of the band.

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He was reportedly dating musician Kiera Gibbs, and the couple was spotted together in New York.

But any claims of them being in a relationship hasn’t been proven. He isn’t married to anybody and thus no questions of him getting divorced or having a wife.

The band which was formed within the university released a couple of albums, and in the process of making another album named Canopy Glow in 2006, he left the band.

The reason for his leaving the band was that as the band was relocated to Chicago, Andrew wasn’t able to move with them there.

He then had a chance to play professionally with an indie rock band named Anathallo.

He was in the band from the year 2003 to 2008, playing together many songs and different places.

She was in the parking lot outside the arena handing out the pages, which have the phrase #istandforhedley written on them with hearts drawn in red glitter. Because it's allegations, it's not actually a charge yet,” Carruthers said.

Valerie Rivet, who travelled from Ottawa to see her favourite band for the 33rd time, said the accusations against Hoggard haven't been proven, and if they ever are, she would re-evaluate her love of the band. “For now I stand with them.” Kris Jerstad was standing outside Prospera place with two floor seats he was hoping to sell.

He had been writing songs for that album since 2005.

Then in that same year (2008) he was approached by Nate Ruess, who was associated with the band The Format.

Another man named Jack Antonoff, who was also a musician of the band Steel Train, was also to be in the same group.

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