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May 2005 10,400 words 22 Food for Thought: child nutrition, the school dinner and the food industry July 2003 7100 words 21 The Supply Teacher's Lot March 2003 3000 words 20 Creationism: bad science, bad religion, bad education April 2002 6200 words 19 Glass in their Snowballs: the faith schools debate December 2001 7500 words 18 Time to Rethink Religious Education?

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September 1992 1850 words 13 Facing the Problem of Bullying in Schools January 1992 4350 words 12 Deconstructing the Bible: interpretive possibilities August 1991 4030 words 11 The Multifaith Society: problem or opportunity?

August 1991 3230 words 10 Agreed Syllabuses 1944-1988: Changing aims - changing content?

The roots of 'creationism' - the belief that the world was created a few thousand years ago exactly as described in Genesis - can be traced back to the completely fallacious chronology of scripture propounded by Archbishop of Armagh James Ussher (1581-1656) who set the date of the creation of the world at 23 October 4004BC.

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