Who is ashley parker angel dating now

To be a bit more specific, Lyric Lennon plays Cheyenne Jackson's son, Lachlan Drake. 3 he tweeted, "So unbelievably proud to share with all of you that my son Lyric is going to be on the upcoming season of @AHSFX!

Apparently, not only did he inherit his parents' (Lennon's mom is actress Tiffany Lynn Rowe) talents, but he also got his dad's great head of hair. " I'd be proud of my kid, too, especially if he or she were appearing on one of FX's biggest shows ever. I'm sure my fellow O-Town fans can't wait to see Lennon in action.

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We all have what it takes to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Be dedicated, be passionate and be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.

Ashley just started a new 100 Days of Fitness challenge lat week, so we can expect to see lots more photos over the next few months. Answer is I’ve found no better way to super charge GOALS than to shout out to the universe exactly what you want.

Do this in a BIG way and your guaranteeing success,” he wrote on Facebook.

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and have spent almost a year trying to get Ashley on board.

But a few weeks ago -- when it became clear Ashley wasn't going to change his mind -- the guys decided to officially move forward without him ...

✌" The #100Days Of Fitness challenge may be behind me now but the journey continues.

It's incredible how the human body responds and transforms to even just 100 days of a consistent diet and exercise program.

Make sure to see some of his hot photos from the past in our previous posts!

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