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Adam paused and thoughtfully replied, "I don't know." In "Bitter Water," (episode #29), Hoss teased Adam for dating Virginia Keith for three years and allowing another man to marry her.

In Season Five's "The Waiting Game" Adam pursued the young widow, Laura Dayton.

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However, on "Triangle," Adam neglected Laura during their engagement and allowed other business affairs to prevent him from attending his own engagement party.

He was secretly building a house for Laura to surprise her on their wedding date.

In "The Tin Badge", both Hoss and Adam teased Joe in a way that conveyed that they thought Joe was just a little kid trying to take on a man's responsibility.

Both Adam and Hoss were protective of him and always looked at him as their baby brother.

Abel Stoddard† (grandfather) Ben Cartwright (father) Elizabeth Stoddard Cartwright† (mother, deceased) Inger Borgstrom Cartwright† (step mother, deceased) Marie De Marigny Cartwright† (step mother) Hoss Cartwright (half brother) Little Joe Cartwright (half brother)Jamie Hunter Cartwright (adopted brother) John Cartwright† (uncle) Will Cartwright (cousin) Adam Cartwright was born in the year 1830 in New England to Ben and Elizabeth (Stoddard) Cartwright.

He is good with a gun, warm, sensible, intelligent, mature and responsible.In "A House Divided" Joe told Adam that as far back as he could remember, Adam was always able to stay up later and always helped Ben handle Ponderosa business because he was "grown up." In "The Julia Bulette Story," Joe told Ben that he remembered hearing him and Adam discussing places that Ben and Marie couldn't go.Ben seems to trust Adam completely and discuss serious matters with him.He heavily involved himself in Laura and her daughter, Peggy's, personal affairs.He continued this pattern of behavior in Season 5's "The Cheating Game" (episode #19) without making his intentions clear.He is progressive and an entrepreneur; always looking for an opportunity to improve himself and his surroundings.

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