Who is actor christian kane dating

:) alright well ive looked around and i noticed Christian and Whitney arent following eachother on twitter, as if that means anything, im just sayin they arent. I know he's not married cause in his interviews he always says that when he sings he tells the truth and he wouldn't sing about being married cause he knows nothing about it... Christian is in Portland filming leverage right now.... Leveragegal23 He was in Nashville right before that tweet.

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Who is actor christian kane dating

In May 2012 they selected two newborn wolf - Malamute puppies from a litter, taking them home pagina later in the summer.

This is one glamour Hollywood couple that has made it past the jaar mark door being very private.

Christian Kane is an American actor/musician originally from Dallas, Texas. He first gained fandom's attention in the role of Lindsey Mc Donald on Angel.

He appeared as an RPF character in fanworks for the first time in Jossverse RPF, sometimes paired with David Boreanaz.

Christian Kane loved films and decided after seeing the Tom Cruise fighter pilot movie Top Gun that he wanted to be an actor.

After dropping out of the University of Oklahoma, Kane headed to Hollywood.I know how u feel, he keeps his social life pretty private!lol But i know for a fact that he's not married i've seen interviews where he's been asked that question, and he seemed pretty adamant about that fact.He is often characterized in this role as a gruff, protector of Jensen, sometimes going so far as to be portrayed as the yenta to Jensen and Jared.He is occasionally the villain of the piece, presented as either an abusive or overprotective ex, or sometimes as merely an obstacle to Jensen getting together with Jared.In (I have no idea when) Carlson stopped performing with Kane, but the two remain friends and the fandoms haven't stopped producing works featuring both of them.

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