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i was very impressed the lead stars portrayed their roles.. its very painful..then ji hoon is very optimistic and ready what will happened in the future...really love can move mountain... Loved and hated Kim Yong-Geon's father role...wanted so badly to slap him for his greed and lack of caring...kudos! I have seen other drama where an old king gets married with a younger queen and are played by famous actors. If you are seeing the drama because of him or her and don't like the drama don't see it and don't post comments you can see another drama and comment somewhere else. I always love Seo Jin and Uee but this one is total revelation of what they can do as an artist. :-):-):-) First of all the first episode already is so freaking weird. The whole production of Marriage Contract, should be nominated for many awards by the academy.. Wish I could purchase the series so I can revisit it on my leisure time.. I was just curious how a rather senior actor, Lee Seo Jin, could possibly have any chemistry with a very young actress, Uee. At first I didn't like Uee's acting but now as drama progresses she is getting better and better. Bdw Lee Seo Jin is really attractive as actor and as man. Seo-jin did great too and the little girl is so mature for her age which is really really good. I'm happy Uee choose this drama bcoz i'm bored with her same characters before.i will miss this drama...waiting for another drama for them...i think a bucket full of tears fall from my eyes from beginning to end..... The mum with her bad drinking habits and bawling about it. In my mind, you could not have chosen the two most deadpan faces in Kdrama and expect fireworks. Good Luck guys So far, i am falling in love with this drama.

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She learns that she has a brain tumor and she needs money for her daughter after she passes away.

Hye-Soo overhears from Ji-Hoon that he is looking for a liver donor for his mother.

To make it happen legally, Ji-Hoon plans to marry the donor.

Hye-Soo insists to Ji-Hoon that she wants to be the donor.

Little things,relationships are beautifully handled. Highly recommended drama , once you start watching it you won't be able to stop.

This is one weird drama in the sense that everything in this drama is Korean stereotype: sickness, poor-rich cinderellaism, jealous sibling, live triangle and so on. You have to watch it to see it, since I do not like to give out spoilers.

No funny scenes, no heart beating scenes, no ober romantic scenes. The only flashy thing in this drama maybe the BMW i8. No dragging scene, almost all scenes are substantial to the story. I will say this is far better than the popular Do TS. Maybe the only thing lacking in this drama is a killer OST.

Good journey through this drama and very recommended.

Even the main leads are not the best eye candies, at least to me. Much better than the popular Descendants of the Sun. Very recommended, even for people like me who usually not into this type of drama. Every recipe in this drama is Korean mediocre stereotypes: sickness, rich-poor cinderellaism, love triangle and so on.

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