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What you're describing is pretty common behavior that occurs in other regions of VATSIM more often than it does here.It's possible a lot of the pilots you are coming across could be new to VATSIM, so ATC might be a bit intimidating to them so they log offline when they see ATC is online.

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The only other thing I can suggest is extreme patience. I can do it but might look a little heavy handed coming from me in the first instance.

I've normally found the v USAF guys to be pretty good about contacting, even in Oceanic airspace. My theory is, if you don't want ATC, don't log onto the Network. Mark That's a good theory, and I honestly do not see the point in flying on VATSIM if you want to actively reject being controlled.

One of the most intimidating and important parts of learning to fly can be learning ATC communications.

The ability to communicate effectively with ATC is key to safely and efficiently operating your aircraft in busy areas and airports.

Microsoft has officially announced a new Flight Simulator that they are building called Microsoft Flight.

Speculation has been growing since ACES Studios was closed last year.

Usually the v USAF guys are very courteous and quite good to control. I am surprised SUP who operated out of New York didn't know the answer.

By the way, I had a good long chat to him, nice guy Mike.

I would suggest that maybe Damien or Ray (as VATSIM Supervisors) take this up with their command if the pilots concerned had RMK/VSOA WWW. My only possible guess as to why some pilots log on only when there's no ATC is to fulfill some virtual airline requirement.

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