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So I'd say, this is mostly not a statistical question and it cannot be answered without knowing your questionnaire's specific content.Cronbach alpha is not about validity, but about internal consistency, which is somewhat related to reliability (or one can say it is reliability presuming your questions are interchangeable -- but they're not).

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The graded response model relies on a cumulative odds formulation.

Be aware that these models all suppose that the scale is unidimensional; i.e., there's only one latent trait.

This is as an orthogonal structure can be determined from an oblique rotation, but not vice versa.

Extract all the factor solutions between the MAP criterion and the parallel analysis criterion.

There are additional assumptions like, e.g., local independence (i.e., the correlations between responses are explained by variation on the ability scale).

Anyway, you will find a very complete documentation and useful clues to apply psychometric methods in R in volume 20 of the Journal of Statistical Software: Special Volume: Psychometrics in R.

by trying to induce such patterns with experimental manipulations, or using a think-aloud procedure ["protocol analysis", Ericsson & Simon, 1992]). patients with controls) that should have differing scores.

Or correlate it with an external criterion that should be correlated with the trait you're measuring.

It is worth running an exploratory factor analysis to check for that.

It will also allow you to see how items relate to the scale (i.e., through their loadings).

Or measure the trait by the Psychoscope (TM) and use that as a criterion.

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