Updating windows 98 to se

IE5 no longer works because SSL 2 was phased out, and IE6 should not work because it was found to be vulnerable to the POODLE attack, but IE7 requires XP at the oldest and browsers like Firefox that existed at the time don't keep track of their versions. But the poster asked for Web browser advice, not a change in OS.I have a W98 laptop and Puppy Linux is no good there because it doesn't work with the modem.

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My machine for this Windows ME I am using is an Inspiron 8000/ 900 Mhz/ 256 MB RAM, and works much better than Windows 2000 or any version of Linux I can find on it.

I cannot watch CBS, (Star Trek), stuff, probably need more RAM.

It neither requires nor includes system files from other Windows products such as Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

The only requirement is that the user first installs the free Microsoft Layer for Unicode (MSLU) from: Kernel Ex 4.0 RC2 from:

What is the relation between and the OP's request for an older browser for his Windows 98 system? Is that an order, a suggestion, or are you just spamming ? Mark Windows 98/98SE/ME can only run the original release of Internet Explorer 6 (sometimes called Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1).

The Service Pack 2 release of IE6 requires Windows XP or later.

Firefox 3.6 & 4.0 will give you this message on You Tube that the browser is too old and not supported, but presently it will run Flash Player fine.

K-Meleon - Some script errors, but will run You Tube videos fine. Netscape 9 - About the same experience as K-Meleon. Firefox 2.0 - Cannot use You Tube, Flash Player, but made for Windows 98, and SOLID for searches.

Fun, not for You Tube Videos - Use Off By One Browser, a functional 1 MB Browser that should work speedy with a 486 machine for just looking up something say on WIKI.

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