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I got told we think it will be ok...i said, i am the driver, surely it is my responsibility if anything goes wrong as i am responsible for the load...unless they wanted to fax me down something in writing saying they will take full responsibility should the thing tip off the back or anything of that nature....took it off me and gave me something else.

By posting content to Truck Net, you're agreeing to our terms of use and confirm that you have read our Privacy Policy, and our Cookie Use Policy. lets just say if I could contact / speak to, a currently employed AA recovery driver it may well be to my advantage.

You acknowledge that any personal data you post on Truck Net may be accessed by other members of Truck Net and visitors to the forum Hi all, hoping you good folk might be able to help me out here, are any of the members on here that are AA recovery drivers or have been in the past, or do any of you good people know a AA recovery driver that you could put me in touch with ? (The newer to the job the better) Regards, The Soulman.

Anyway..had some little Renault slide beds which really had a top payload of about 1.7-1.9 tons, and didn't really do well with high vehicles like Range Rovers and other 4x4's..tended to lean quite heavily in corners etc.

The normal trucks were 13t Renault's or Dafs, more than capable of the bigger stuff.

I ask if the customer has been contacted to see if he has a complaint, and they say no, he never heard anything! Turns out the other patrol was a good mate of my FSM!

The union in the AA are bought and paid for by the management, at least they were then...the main reps had company cars etc....just said it was best for me to resign..not knowing any better then, thats what i did. Sorry about the long post....bought back some long suppressed feelings of anger!It will be made out to be the best job ever but read and fully understand all of the contract before you sign.Theres a site called you need the code for a spark plug before you can log in and im buggered if i can remember it.went down to leister for 2 weeks training & got all the spiel about how you are number 1 & stuff, if you cant make the run its fine just put a relay ( leg ) in , the pressure driving for the aa is unreal, the controlers in b`ham have no idea about geographical areas, drivers times etc, i have been over my drive time 5 times in the last month !!!!!just by 5 mins or so but the first time in over 20 yrs, yes the money is good,the training is first class, but if you want my advice stay well clear of aa recovery vacancies!!!!!!!!Got a job interview with the AA next week for the said recovery driver role and would like to quiz anyone with experience (The more recent the better) of the likely questions / any tips / advice to take with me.

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