Updating optical disk storage

The present invention provides one such system to satisfy that need.

Thus, there is a need for an optical media storage device having a faster, more efficient technique for storing and retrieving large amounts of data.

Another embodiment of the invention includes a method for storing compressed data on the systems described above where the following steps are performed in response to a request from a host computer to store a sequence of records: the sequence of records is received at the host interface means and is transferred to the data compression means; the sequence of records is compressed by the data compression means; the sequence of compressed records is transferred to the buffer memory means; the sequence of compressed records is stored in the buffer memory means; a record directory is created in the buffer memory means; the record directory is associated with up to a predetermined number of the compressed records; and the sequence of compressed records and the record directory are stored on the optical media storage device. As explained in that patent, computer 19 represents any computer, e.g., a Digital Equipment Company VAX 11/780, which provides an output for recording on various conventional peripheral data storage devices.

In some cases this may lead to unacceptably slow rates of data storage and retrieval.

The greater the amount of data, the greater will be the amount of time required for the optical disk to complete its storage and retrieval tasks.

A: Firmware is software that is included in a piece of hardware which control how the CD/DVD recorder communicates with a software application. Select “Removable Storage”, then double-click “Libraries” on the right. Right click on the applicable DVD RW/CD RW driveàSelect “Properties” 6. “Revision” indicates the firmware version of your optical drive.

Firmware is specific to a single CD/DVD recorder; it can not be applied to all CD/DVD drives. Right click on My Computer (Desktop or Start menu) 2. Step Three: Firmware is the most important update for a CD/DVD recorder.

The controller, which includes a microprocessor, (1) receives data transmitted from the host computer, (2) generates information for a high-level directory, (3) constructs embedded directory entries, (4) controls writing of the record data, and (5) writes a high-level directory entry, including a table of embedded directory disk addresses, onto the optical disk.

The above steps are accomplished by an optical disk controller unit interposed between a host computer and an optical disk storage system.

b2b_bbs_msg_id=308I found that, and it appears to address my issue...it doesn't say how to update the firmware. Booting the system to DOS mode by bootable media.(which with this F/W flash program)."How the crap do I do that??

An improved optical disk data storage system method are disclosed. This system also includes optical media storage means for storing compressed data thereon, for storing compressed data received from the buffer memory means, and for supplying compressed data stored thereon to the buffer memory means, and microprocessor means for responding to the sequence of commands received from the host interface means and for controlling data storage and retrieval operations of the buffer memory means and the optical media storage means responsive to the sequence of commands.

The invention will be better understood with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which: FIG. The computer 19 is thus operated as if to store conventional nine-track magnetic tape data.

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