Bisexual couple date in holland - Updating myspace page

You can also add external links to your posts, which allows you to share brand-relevant articles or other content from around the web. If so, what’s your favorite way to connect with customers?

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Most of us only have room in our brains for one generation of passwords.

The password reset feature has been thwarted by the passage of time, too.

This is a little disorienting at first, but it’s actually a pretty cool and unique feature, so you definitely want to choose an eye-catching cover image that effectively represents your brand.

The surface area is much bigger than that of the profile photo, so it’s a great opportunity to ditch the boring default cover photo and choose an image that has more detail. You now have a Myspace page for your business, and you get to start posting and connecting with current and potential customers.

But there's something particularly insidious about an old My Space profile: You may have completely forgotten it, but if you haven't deleted your My Space profile by now, it's very possible that you will never be able to. If you're like me, you can't sign into your profile any more because you don't remember your password.

My Space's halcyon days were more innocent times for the internet, before everyone completely freaked out about hackers.As for gender, it’s smart to choose the gender that represents your brand’s target demographic.For example, a company that sells makeup would be primarily targeted toward a female audience, whereas a company that sells menswear would focus on a male audience."Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, gettin knifes pulled on you by every mexican you run into! According to his lawyer, who idiotically confirmed it was legit, Zimmerman hasn't used his profile since 2005.This happens again: Someone becomes suddenly notorious, and their old embarassing My Space profile soon surfaces in a seizure of flashing .gifs, the "last logged in" notifier usually displaying some date during George W. (Actually, a recent redesign of My Space seems to have eliminated the "last logged in" field to avoid showing what a ghost town it is.)put on Facebook.In the section under “Tell Us About Yourself,” you should write a short company bio.

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