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At the moment, Wix doesn’t allow you to transfer your existing content into a new template. For Squarespace, if you pick a template and change your mind later, you can just switch to a new template in their control panel.

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In this comparison review, I will compare Wix and Squarespace in 4 different aspects, plus our conclusion, to see which one is better.

Although Wix’s templates are not bad by any means, in fact, they are quite attractive and they have templates across a lot of different industries so you can quite easily find one that will work for you, I just can’t help but admire Squarespace’s templates. Squarespace has a lot fewer templates than Wix, but they are all designed by professional designers.

What this means is that no matter where you are looking at the website (be it on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet), the layout and design will always look great. With Wix’s dedicated mobile editor, you have some advanced tools to pick and choose what content to display or hide.

So you do have a bit more control over your visitors’ mobile experiences.

If you sign up for a 1-year or 2-years plan, you can save from 25% to 43% per year, depending on which package you select: If you compare the monthly fees for the annual plans for Squarespace and Wix (just so we’re comparing the same subscription commitment period), you’ll see that Wix plans are cheaper than Squarespace plans.

So on the surface, if you are very price sensitive, Wix might be the better pick for you.

You will probably have to make some styling updates to “dress up” your website, but that’s not a huge hassle as rebuilding all your content.

So from this perspective, Squarespace is definitely a lot more flexible for you over the long term.

Whether you pick Wix or Squarespace (or any other website builders), choosing the right website builder is important to you as the last thing you want to do is invest months building a website, then discovering that you need to switch to another builder.

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