Updating drivers for 16x dvd r discs

They also read CDs, DVDs, BDs, and UHD Blu-ray films.

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In practice, it seems to be every bit as much of a muddle and a problem.

Support is limited to specific SKUs and motherboards with particular features, and the dependence on integrated graphics for decode support means that you can’t use UHD Blu-ray with any Intel HEDT system (HEDT refers to Intel’s E-class chips — Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge-E, Haswell-E, etc).

The HDCP 2.2 support requirement is also dodgy, since not every Intel board supports that standard, either.

In theory, the UHD Blu-ray playback situation should be better than the 4K streaming situation, since at least 6th and 7th-generation Core chips are both supported.

Factor in its top-notch software bundle and a few advanced hardware features, and you have what we consider a solid offering at a very fair price.

Pioneer announced a brace of new UHD Blu-ray burners today, the first we’ve seen debut for the PC market.Although still far behind the Pioneer DVR-A08's 4X results, our test drive produced the fastest 2.4X DVD R DL recording times we've measured to date, burning an entire 8.5GB disc image in .Its 48X/48X/24X CD performance placed it 1 second behind the first-place Lite-On drive on our CD-R burning test, and it ripped a 74-minute audio CD to MP3 files in a jaw-dropping —once again, the fastest time we've recorded lately. Since upgrading to Windows 10 my PC has been unable to read any CD/DVD disc I put in.I hear it spinning so I doubt there's any problem with the CD/DVD Drive itself. As i see BD-ROM in explorer and CD-ROM in Device Manager kind of odd, being recognized differently from explorer and Device Manager.Memorex also throws in a copy of Simple Star's terrific Photo Show Deluxe 2.5 image-editor.

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