Play jasmin sex chat review - Updating a cursor

However, when you specify a column_name_list with for update, you can update only the columns in that list.

One of my methods returns a Cursor from some SQLite query results.

As I'm navigating through the cursor, there are some records I want to change/update.

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When more than one column name and value pair is listed, separate them with commas.

The table_name or view_name must be the table or view specified in the first from clause of the select statement that defines the cursor.

The first variable will hold the running total of Oscars while the second will be used to read each individual film's Oscars as the cursor moves through the record set.

Next, we'll declare our cursor, open it and move it to the first record.

Any help or shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Syn Transaction isolation refers to the mechanism that SQL Server uses to isolate different transactions from each other.Once thats done, I'm trying to update the table again and set the row as processed.The table I'm selecting data from and then trying to update is on another server and I think this whole little process is going a little over my head.To make things even more specific you can list which columns from the data set you would like to make updatable, as shown below: The code above ensures that only one field from the underlying data set can be updated.You can add more column names in a comma-separated list if you need to make more fields updatable.If that from clause references more than one table or view (using a join), you can specify only the table or view actually being updated.

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