True dating opinions

Read the profiles, if there isn't a reasonable effort there, I tended to disregard....

good luck, worth a short term sub to see where it goes for you...

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Another man told me that the website blocked the messages with personal information and another thanked me for the cell phone number but he never wrote to me, I think that this is a cheating business so that lonely people like me spend their money. The goal of our site is to provide service for successful communication, many people just like it here.

We are sure that very soon you will find the right one who will be glad to move further.

Made profile, no photo, no description, wanted to browse and get familiar with the site, but immediately started getting messages from men!

Compared to other sites Ive been, pics from said men were rather well taken (good light, good visibility) Text all extremely generic. But heres the catch, you can only read and send 1 message, for the rest you need to pay.

It represents a fun and easy way for people to communicate across the globe.

now covers more than 32 countries and offers the technology that enables members takes communication further than ever.

You need to play with your profile many times to get the profile to show, even if it is set as the thumbnail. Looking forward to bidding on it when Google blacklists it for black hat marketing practices and it becomes useless to you guys Hello! We are truly sorry that your experience with our site was not successful. We have no goal in ensuring you that you have misunderstood something, my job here is to address and clarify your concerns, that's all. They will continuously charge your credit card without you knowing.

You might think your profile photo is visible, but it's probably not. Messages are censored or not sent between real profiles. My (male) fake profile (no photo, no info at all) received around 100 messages from 18 year old supermodels with rich families looking to support 50 year old men. We would like to mention that we enforce a very strict anti-fraud policy check every complaint regarding members' profiles. With sex and age indicated you can still receive messages through Let's Mingle service. I was charged 2 times for 15.99 which I didnt approve of! Facebook should remove their ads for this is a total motherf*ckin scam!

My last day on a found the most beautiful Lady, she is my world, and soul mate I almost gave up. She is out there I just waited for the best to get together. We have a lot in common, we finish each others sentences. I also like the fact of the phone verification and the Facebook verification. I was impressed with the messenger and it gives the opportunity to decide if you want to chat with a person or not. I deleted everything, my pictures but could not exclude it . I also bought credits 1 day and had to cancell/block my credit card because the site charged me 5 times in a row on the same day, so they also work with extorsion... We also have an option of video chat, where you can the members live. is the place to meet people from around the world for exciting communication and online companionship.

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