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If these tests indicate that the child requires special educational services, the school evaluation team (planning and placement team) will meet to develop an individual educational plan (IEP) geared to the child’s needs.

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You will also be provided with practical solutions to help children and adolescents with learning disabilities greatly improve their academic achievement as well as their self-esteem.

Interestingly, there is no clear and widely accepted definition of “learning disabilities.” Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the field, there is ongoing debate on the issue of definition, and there are currently at least 12 definitions that appear in the professional literature.

poor vision or hearing loss) that may cause difficulty in school. ” ENVY: “Why can’t he be like his sister or his cousins? (or he goes to camp, etc.).” ANGER: “The teachers don’t know anything.” “I hate this neighborhood, this school…this teacher.” GUILT: “My mother was right; I should have used cloth diapers when he was a baby.” “I shouldn’t have worked during his first year.” “I am being punished for something and my child is suffering as a result.” ISOLATION: “Nobody else knows or cares about my child.” “You and I against the world.

Research indicates that parental reaction to the diagnosis of learning disability is more pronounced than in any other area of exceptionality. ” MOURNING: “He could have been such a success, if not for the learning disability! No one else understands.” FLIGHT: “Let’s try this new therapy–Donahue says it works!

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The Foundation for Children With Learning Disabilities estimates that there are 6 million adults with learning disabilities as well.

Little is currently known about the causes of learning disabilities.

Consider: if a child is severely retarded or physically handicapped, the parent becomes aware of the problem in the first few weeks of the child’s life. ” “We are going to go from clinic to clinic until somebody tells me what I want to hear.! The good news is that with proper help, most LD children can make excellent progress.

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