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The other problem is that these websites are asking us questions like, are you a dog person or a cat person? So I started writing and writing and writing, and at the end, I had amassed 72 different data points.I wanted somebody was Jew-ish, so I was looking for somebody who had the same background and thoughts on our culture, but wasn't going to force me to go to shul every Friday and Saturday.

But the real failure was that there were plenty of men for me to date. In fact, he didn't even bother looking at the menu. Well, it turns out that these probably weren't bad guys. And as it happens, the algorithms that were setting us up, they weren't bad either.

These algorithms had a sea full of men that wanted to take me out on lots of dates — what turned out to be truly awful dates. He was ordering multiple appetizers, multiple entrées, for me as well, and suddenly there are piles and piles of food on our table, also lots and lots of bottles of wine. These algorithms were doing exactly what they were designed to do, which was to take our user-generated information, in my case, my résumé, and match it up with other people's information. So there's a certain amount of superficiality in that data. I'm going to keep using these online dating sites, but I'm going to treat them as databases, and rather than waiting for an algorithm to set me up, I think I'm going to try reverse-engineering this entire system.

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In fact, in Judaism, there were matchmakers a long time ago, and though they didn't have an explicit algorithm per se, they definitely were running through formulas in their heads, like, is the girl going to like the boy? The matchmaker would sort of think through all of this, put two people together, and that would be the end of it. As I'm signing on to the various dating websites, as it happens, I was really, really busy. The biggest problem is that I hate filling out questionnaires of any kind, and I certainly don't like questionnaires that are like Cosmo quizzes. So in the descriptive part up top, I said that I was an award-winning journalist and a future thinker. guy invited me out to one of Philadelphia's white-table-cloth, extremely expensive restaurants. And they say to me, "Stop complaining." So I said, fine, from here on out I'm only going on dates where I know there's Wi-Fi, and I'm bringing my laptop.

So in my case, I thought, well, will data and an algorithm lead me to my Prince Charming? When I was asked about fun activities and my ideal date, I said monetization and fluency in Japanese. So obviously this was not the best way to put my most sexy foot forward. The algorithm matched us up because we share a love of gadgets, we share a love of math and data and '80s music, and so I agreed to go out with him. And we went in, and right off the bat, our conversation really wasn't taking flight, but he was ordering a lot of food. I'm going to shove it into my bag, I'm going to have this email template, and I'm going to fill it out and collect information on all these different data points during the date to prove to everybody that empirically, these dates really are terrible.

So I have two possible strategies at this point I'm sort of figuring out.

One, I can take my grandmother's advice and sort of least-expect my way into maybe bumping into the one out of 35 possible men in the entire 1.5-million-person city of Philadelphia, or I could try online dating.

Now, I like the idea of online dating, because it's predicated on an algorithm, and that's really just a simple way of saying I've got a problem, I'm going to use some data, run it through a system and get to a solution.

So online dating is the second most popular way that people now meet each other, but as it turns out, algorithms have been around for thousands of years in almost every culture. Are they going to start having children right away? So I run home, I call my mother, I call my sister, and as I do, at the end of each one of these terrible, terrible dates, I regale them with the details.

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