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This region is referred to as ‘Doggerland’ by scientists (a compliment to the Dogger Bank, which lays beneath the North Sea).

There was a river running through it – the river of Nord – that the Thames, the Rhine and the Seine all flowed into.

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The surge of fresh water was so dramatic it disrupted the warm Gulf Stream current in the ocean, and caused a 400 year dip in world temperatures, plunging the planet into another brief ice age.

Afterwards, rapid global warming led to a phenomenal rise in sea levels – more then 30 meters.

Around 5600 BC, the Mediterranean Sea cascaded over the Bosporus sill, which was dry land until then, and transformed the freshwater Black Sea into a vast salt water inlet.

Geologists claim that ‘ten cubic miles of water poured into the Black Sea for about 300 days’ – which is 200 times greater than goes over Niagara Falls today.

It took place in a part of the world fairly thin in habitation at that time, but its discharge of vast amounts of noxious sulphur dioxide, and a deposit of ash 25 centimeters thick, destroyed all the lush forests of south-east Asia, while dust clouds blocked sunlight and plunged the entire planet into an estimated 6 to 10 year volcanic winter.

There was worldwide destruction of vegetation and severe drought in all tropical rain forests, and entire groups of animals became eliminated.

Yet the agriculture of that country depended on an annual flooding of the rivers to revitalize the soil, so many Sumerian cities were built near a flood plain.

However, in some years the rivers did not flood enough, and in others they flooded too much.

Around 6100 BC, a massive underwater landslide along the edge of Norway was triggered by the receding Ice Age.

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