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But I am warning you, if I hear any laughing, giggling or jokes, we will skip it and go straight to the endocrine system.’ The way she said it totally deflated us.” That lesson, Nikhil tells me, was the sum total of sex education he received through all his years of schooling —and his experience is hardly an anomaly.In a survey of over 500 South Asians, 60% said they had no sex education in school.And for many digitally connected Indians, the internet was the first place they could explore the contours of their desires, and realise that it was okay to be themselves.

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With the possibilities presented by everything from porn to erotica, chat rooms to virtual realities, the internet has been a space for many people to begin discovering what sexual freedom can mean in their own lives.

In late 1970s America, people began connecting their personal computers through Bulletin Board Systems, or BBS.

These numbers say a lot about the way Indians grow up perceiving sex: as a complete mystery.

On the one hand, sexuality is hinted at in practically every movie, song or advertisement ever made.

All you need is a webcam and a decent internet connection.

When Malini went to university and had a laptop and a room of her own, she went from watching other women camming to trying it herself.

Broadly speaking, sexuality is an arena of life that is tightly controlled — within family structures, through violently enforced caste boundaries and by sexual censorship across popular media.

But over the past two decades, the advent of the internet in India has slowly begun to change this culture of sexual silence and control.

And of those who had some variant of it, 51% said it was terrible.

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