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He's wearing jeans and a button-down shirt and a sweater vest, and he leads me through a wood-paneled study to the kitchen, where he asks if I'd like a cup of coffee. The room is homey and filled with family pictures and some paintings by friends of his wife, Holley, who's an artist and art teacher.

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He and his wife purchased the house in 2006, and it sits on a half acre of land in Lynchburg, Virginia, near a hospital where he used to work.

Its exterior is red brick, and there are eleven windows along the front, each with white trim and black shutters, making the house look sort of Jeffersonian, sort of Monticelloesque, though it's actually only forty-nine years old, which makes it ten years younger than Alexander himself.

He wore a dark blazer and a button-down shirt with blue stripes.

He was middle-aged and handsome in an old-fashioned way, with tanned skin and thick hair parted on the right. Eben Alexander was presented as more qualified to answer this question than all of them.

A guest was joining them by satellite from another location, and a shot of his head and shoulders occupied most of the rest of the screen.

This was his third appearance on the program in the last few months.We talk about some of the stories he tells in best-seller list nearly a year after its release.We also talk about some of the stories you won't find in the book, stories I've heard from current and former friends and colleagues, and stories I've pulled from court documents and medical-board complaints, stories that in some cases give an entirely new context to the stories in the book, and in other cases simply contradict them. Oz and Larry King and all of his other gentle interrogators have helped perpetuate, Dr.He pulls out his i Phone and puts on the voice recorder.He tells me he is concerned that some of the stories I've brought up could be taken the wrong way by readers."People could definitely go way off the deep end about irrelevant stuff as opposed to focusing on what matters," he says. His biological parents, young, unready, created him, named him, and then gave him away.The banner below the video feeds read, HOPE IS NOT LOST: NEUROSURGEON SAYS HEAVEN IS REAL."Dr. His authority on heaven hadn't come from prayer or contemplation or a vote taken at some conclave. And although a lot of people might make similar claims concerning visits to heaven and the receipt of personal revelations from God and be roundly dismissed, Dr. He was, as the Fox News Web site declared, a "renowned neurosurgeon." A man of science at the summit of the secular world.

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