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Sexual harassment can be a very serious matter having far-reaching effects on the lives and careers of individuals.Intentionally false accusations can have similar impact.

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(fact sheet), Americans for Responsible Solutions, August 2015.

Will the disgraced mogul actually stand trial for rape?

Experts believe he could take a plea bargain to avoid facing 25 years in a criminal case that may hinge on actresses providing "prior bad acts" testimony, a key contributor to the Bill Cosby guilty verdict.

SEXUAL MISCONDUCT Sexual misconduct is a violation of University standards of conduct for students, faculty, staff, and the University community, as well as a violation of the law.

(infographic), The White House, Washington, DC: April 3, 2013.

"WHERE THERE ARE MORE GUNS, MORE WOMEN DIE": A HARVARD PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERT BREAKS DOWN THE DATA ON FIREARMS AND WOMEN'S SAFETY, Katie Mc Donough, Salon, February 24, 2015. WOMEN ARE MURDERED WITH GUNS AT AN 88% HIGHER RATE IN THE 10 STATES WITH THE WEAKEST GUN LAWS THAN IN THE 10 STATES WITH THE STRONGEST GUN LAWS (infographic), Center for American Progress Action Fund, Washington, DC: 2013. TO IMPROVE RESPONSE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND GUN VIOLENCE, Legal Momentum, Advocates for Human Rights, Human Rights Clinic of the University of Miami School of Law and Women Enabled, Inc., September 23, 2013.

The University is committed to treating victims/survivors with dignity and respect.

Hearing proceedings will strive to accommodate the needs of individuals while collecting information and hearing from any potential witnesses.

Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to,forcing, threatening to force, coercing, or deceiving another to engage in sexual activity, or engaging in sexual activity with another knowing that the activity is offensive or unwanted by that person or that person is unable to assess the nature of or control the conduct.

Sexual misconduct also includes engaging in sexual activity with another when that person has impaired judgment or control due to drugs or other intoxicants.

The charge of sexual harassment is not to be taken lightly by a charging party, an accused party, or any member of the University community.

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