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"I believe the only way I'm going to get any closure is if I address this: I feel I have to man up and face the shame, the guilt and the embarrassment." Following the 2011 CBC report, Scouts Canada hired the firm KPMG to conduct a review of its handling of sexual misconduct claims within its ranks.

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It found that, in 65 of those cases, the allegations had not been reported to police when they first came to light. Petitti said the KPMG review "found no systemic intent to cover up or hide an individual or abuse incident." After the review, Scouts Canada strengthened its child and youth protection measures with new policies on bullying, abuse reporting and volunteer screening.

The organization introduced criminal record checks and screening interviews for all of its volunteers in 1997.

Chris said one of the toughest things was that his troop leader became a very close family friend, one his family trusted.

As soon as Chris hit puberty, Corcoran invited him to his apartment: 'Hey, I got some beer in the fridge for you.

The girls worked with the NJWBS to educate the public on the dangers of unhealthy relationships, dating violence and how they could get help if they found themselves in one of those situations.

They learned what their rights were in a relationship and worked on educating their fellow peers, as well as, the public on what to look for and who to contact if they needed help.

They collected and decorated flip flops for the shelter's kids.

They collectively baked to help with a fundraiser for the NJWBS.

The 53-year-old man, identified in court documents as C.

M., told Postmedia in an interview that he joined Brockville's 8th District Scout Troop at the age of 13 because he had enjoyed his experience as a cub scout.

Brown died in an Ontario prison in March 2010 - 13 years after he was declared a dangerous offender because of his sex crimes. M.'s lawyer, Rob Talach, contends that Brown used the position and uniform given to him by Scouts Canada to facilitate the abuse - and to ensure that the boy scout did not tell anyone about it.

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