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Representatives from the Clinton Foundation have repeatedly denied accusations Ms Clinton has solicited funds and used donations to boost her campaign.There were no donations from Saudi Arabia while she was acting as secretary of state between 20.

Even life-saving operations and procedures require the written signature of a male relative.

In cases of divorce, women are only allowed custody of their children until they reach the age of seven (boys) and nine (girls).

Conversations and time spent with men who are not family members is limited.

In public, restaurants, universities and other spaces have both a ‘family’ section and a section reserved for men.

“It’s a long struggle and a long road to serious equality.” King Salman and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have implemented “Vision 2030”, a long-term blueprint of economic and social reforms designed to modernise Saudi Arabia and wean itself off reliance on oil revenue.

While there has been promise of several reforms for female citizens so far just a handful of the important decisions a woman in Saudi Arabia still cannot make for herself include: Permission to marry must be granted by your wali, or guardian.

Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment.

“Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc are all united behind Hillary Clinton. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.” In October, Ecuador’s government confirmed it had “temporarily restricted” Mr Assange's internet access at its London embassy, to prevent him “meddling in the election process” in the US.

Any picture in which more than a woman’s head, feet and hands are visible will be considered just too much!

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