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Foot, David Lovell, Forestry commissioner, Forestry Commission. Merricks, Anthony William, Director, Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering and chm, Stent Foundations Ltd. Morgan, John William Harold, Chairman, Trafford Park Development Corporation. Nattrass, The Reverend Michael Stuart, Lately Her Majesty's ch inspector of Construction, Health and Safety Executive. Newman, David Gareth, Principal, Brooke Weston City Technology College, Corby, Northamptonshire. Newman, Miss Lotte Therese, OBE, General Medical Practitioner and president, R College of General Practitioners. Nicholson, Brian Thomas Graves, Chairman, Advertising Standards Board of Finance Ltd. Chalder, Geoffrey Thomas, Senior Investigation Officer, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise.Fox, Brian Michael, Director, Senior Civil Service Group, Cabinet Office. Mac Donald, Angus Donald Mackintosh, Chairman, Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Mac Kenzie, Alastair, Chief Planning Officer, Scottish Office. Eileen Catherine, Director, Regulation and Business Affairs, OFGAS. Martin, James William, Joint managing dir, Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd. Mc Gowan, Professor Margaret Mary, Research Professor of French, University of Sussex. For serv the Newspaper Industry and to Advertising. Christine Jean, Diabetic Nurse Specialist, Kirkcaldy Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Carroll, Leonard Morgan James, For serv Young People in Wales. Isobel, For serv the Glazert Activity Group, Lennox Castle Hospital, Glasgow. Cassidy, Thomas D., For serv the Toy Industry and for charitable serv in Lancashire. Chandler, Robert Ernest, Senior Professional and Technology Officer, Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils. Chapman, Jonn, Museum Technician 2, R Air Force Museum, Ministry of Defence.

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For serv Civil Engineering and to the Defence Industry. Nazir, Haji Mohammad, Chair, Sheffield Racial Equality Council Executive Committee. Newman, Geoffrey William, Assistant Collector, London Airports, Her Majesty's Customs and Excise. Judy, For serv the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association. Celeste Veronica, For serv the Wandsworth Black Elderly Project and Age Activity Centre, Wandsworth, London. For serv the commty in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Hall, Stewart, Prison Officer, Her Majesty's Prison Hull.

Nolan, Patrick, Director of Social Services, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Harding, Mrs Patricia, For serv Music in East Sussex. Hart, Eric, Company Welfare Officer, Brit Nuclear Fuels Ltd.

Endicott, Grattan, For serv the Foundation for Sport and the Arts. N., Member, Board of Visitors, Her Majesty's Prison Dartmoor. Lobo, Gerard Anthony, Grade 6, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Lynas, The Very Reverend Robert Victor Alexander, For serv Education. Preshous, John David Miles, Lately head Teacher, the Community College, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. Rowe, Bernard, TD, Director, Division of Enteric Pathogens, Central Public Health Laboratory. White, Ian Christopher, Managing dir, The International Tanker Owners' Pollution Federation Ltd. Whiteley, William Haskins, Lately Principal Inspector, Health and Safety Executive. Wilson, Miss Margaret Helen, Lately ch Librarian, Department for Education and Employment. Althaus, Miss Catherine Elizabeth, For serv the Brit Tourist Authority. Arthur, David Sloan Coullie, For serv the Samaritans. Mary Crerar, Head Teacher, Tulloch Primary School, Perth. Bain, George Alexander, For serv ENABLE in East Buchan. Ball, Ivan James, For charitable serv the commty in Aylestone, Leicestershire. Jane Irene, Revenue Officer, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue. Oenwen, Lately Administrative Officer, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Joan Mary, For serv Young People in Accrington, Lancashire. Belford, Frederick Dennis Rhind, For serv Folk Dance. Drage, Miss Olive Lucy, For serv the R Society of Chemistry. Gibson, Ian James, Head Teacher, Parkgate Junior School, Watford, Hertfordshire. Gill, Charan Singh, Managing dir, Harlequin Leisure Group Ltd. Gillam, William John, Group mgr, Area Traffic Control, Leicester City Council. Gillman, Richard John Holt, For serv REMAP in Hampshire. Gray, Kenneth Stafford, Executive Officer, Department of Social Security. Greaves, Mrs Paula, For serv the National Federation of Solo Clubs.

Lynch, Geoffrey William, For serv the Export Credit Guarantee Department. Williams, Huw Tregelles, Director, BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Wilshire, Professor Brian, Pro vice-Chancellor, University of Wales, Swansea. Wilson, Professor Barbara Ann, Senior Scientist, Applied Psychology Unit, Medical Research Council. Wilson, James Renwick, For serv the Engineering Industry. Winning, Duncan Ramsay, Honorary president, Scottish Canoe Association. Winup, John, Lately dir, Procurement Services Division, Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency. Baldwin, Raymond Whittier, For serv the commty in North West England. Banfield, Kenneth John, JP, Organising secretary, Plymouth and Devon Association of Boys' Clubs. Banks, The Reverend John, For serv the Manchester Methodist Housing Group and to Homeless People. Anne, For serv the Billingham Ladies' Guilds, R National Lifeboat Institution. Dorothy, For serv the WRVS and to the commty in Stafford. Drake, Miss Elizabeth Betty, For serv the commty, especially the R Brit Legion, in Yeovil, Somerset. Dunn, William, Postman Higher Grade, Plymouth, Devon. Gilzean, James Alexander, Estate mgr, Brahan Estates, Ross and Cromarty. Glazer, Mrs Ella, For serv the Celebrities Guild of Great Britain. Green, Mrs May, For serv Special Educational Needs at Queens Church of England Junior School, Warwickshire.

Hamill, James, Head, Home Department, Scottish Office. ch inspector of Nuclear Installations and dir of Nuclear Safety, Health and Safety Executive. Locke, Patrick, Secretary of the Church Commissioners. Lockwood, Professor David, For serv Social Science, particularly in the Use of Empirical Evidence. Osborne, Alan, Chairman, Construction Industry Standing Conference. Sullens, Keith, Lately ch exec, Paymaster Agency, Her Majesty's Treasury. Officer (OBE) Adamson, Ian, For serv Local Government. Caswell, Michael Joseph Henry, Lately Higher Executive Officer, House of Commons. Chapman, Michael, Lately Executive Producer, Thames Television Ltd. Charman, Bruce David, For serv the commty on the Isle of Wight. Hanora, Support Grade 1, Department of Social Security. Monica Mary, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Chimes, Arthur Douglas, For serv the commty on the Saffron Estate, Leicester.

Hansen, Julian David, Lately Band 7, Ministry of Defence. Hedger, John Clive, Director of Operations, Department for Education and Employment. Kitteridge, Peter John, Assistant dir, Prison Service, Home Office. For serv the Development of Vocational Qualifications. Swithenbank, Ian Carr Fry, Leader, Northumberland County Council. Wilkie, Professor Alasdair David, For serv the Actuarial Profession. Allen, Miss Elizabeth, Head of Division, Personnel Policy and Management, The Highways Agency, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. Butcher, Miss Marjorie N., For serv NCH Action for Children. Jillian Margaret, For serv Mentally Ill People in Canterbury Kent. Sarah Ann, For serv Young People with Disabilities on Guernsey. Catchpole, The Reverend Canon Keith William, Chaplain, R Military Police Training School, Chichester. Christie, Gordon Imrie, Regional mgr, Southern Region, Scottish Power.

Hodgson, Cyril, For serv the R Brit Legion in Cumbria.

Holbrook, Gerald Laurence, For serv the Newspaper Industry.

Holder, Mrs Veronica, For serv Mentally Handicapped People, especially MENCAP, in Cardiff.

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