Red flags your dating a player nod32 updating file

Let her know you’re not going to tolerate her being late and if it happens again you’re not going to wait.Guys often avoid putting their foot down because they want to avoid conflict.So in these situations it’s often best to be patient.

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Anytime a girl like this gets upset or has trouble in her relationship she’ll immediately start pointing the finger.

She’ll blame everyone around her for her problems and never accept any personal responsibility for what happens in her life.

Outrageous reactions Women tend to be more emotional than men, but that doesn’t mean every emotional outburst is warranted.

Girls who regularly have explosive emotional reactions over things that are no big deal are showing they’re emotionally immature.

Signs that show a girl doesn’t respect you include her showing up late or blowing you off on a regular basis, or yelling at you in public.

Anytime a girl starts being disrespectful it’s important to set boundaries and stand by them.If she isn’t able to hang on to friends for very long then she’s probably not stable enough to have a boyfriend.Keep this in mind and don’t expect things to get too serious with this type of girl.More signs of neediness A girl asking you questions about your dating life is normal. You may find the girl barrages you with questions about your past relationships, or is always asking if you think other women are attractive.A girl who constantly moves the topic of conversation in this direction is signaling insecurity and neediness.A man who has standards and sticks by them is a man women trust and respect.

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