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Then you will enter settings, so now tap chat settings.

You will then see media-auto download, this is what you are looking for, click this option, (if you can’t find the media-auto download in chat settings then look for it in data usage).

Messenger users report that no matter how many times they delete photos and content from their Messenger threads, they still see the shared photos when they tap on “view shared photos” option in Messenger.

People even see photos they shared almost a year ago.

Click on this link to see the detailed way to delete cache and data for any app.

Users running i OS 11 on i Phone devices can access an "Emergency SOS" option by pressing the Lock button five times.

Then you have the choice to only automatically download media when you are using cellular data, when connected to wifi and when roaming.

All you have to do is tap each one and disable auto-downloads by unchecking all three options for images, audio and video.

Head over to Setting and go to Find Accounts and then click on Messenger and then use the top right button click it and remove account.

6) Go to Settings and Apps Manager and then Delete Cache and Data for Facebook Messenger App.

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