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Is it really that common for professionals to party with coworkers or at home and then talk about it in the workplace? And especially related to pot use: is it really that common of a thing?

I suppose I believed that coming into the business world would mean moving past people who party and that abandoning the party mindset was a “sacrifice” professionals make so their careers don’t suffer. not okay depends on the office — in some it would raise eyebrows and affect how you were perceived (meaning that it’s something people would think about when considering you for high-profile projects and promotions), and in others you’d get Talked To and warned never to let it happen again upon penalty of your job.

(That said, you’re lumping things in together that don’t always go together.

She doesn’t say that getting drunk is respectable, but she says it all depends on if the consequences are worth it to you.

She argues that “everybody’s doing it” and implies that it’s not a huge deal to party too much and then maybe show up hungover to work or take a sick day.

As I don’t operate a wood only fire pit, my pitiful recreations are but shadows of what the folks mentioned in this post produce.

I will, however, be heading up to North Carolina again soon.

And what better way to not have evidence than to never drink too much! But one of my best friends argues that it’s not very important.

She works for a lawyer (who she says is very successful at what he does) and witnesses business men and women partying quite frequently. Whether you’re looking for a smoking buddy or your soulmate, 420 Singles offers a niche dating experience for the cannabis smoker.No need to sift through profiles all day hoping you won’t get rejected just because you’re stoner or like to smoke the occasional joint.Most likely, I’ll be hitting just the Lexington area – but I’ll take a tomato infused North Carolina vinegar-based cue over none at all!Being a history teacher, I love reading about the backstory behind the early Eastern Carolina BBQ Recipes.I should mention that our debate started because she mentioned a professional friend of hers who is a regular pot smoker, so I am referring more to the whole partying mindset, not just getting drunk.

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