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Today, Bernard Jenkin, MP for Harwich and North Essex, Bernard Jenkin, said Border Force is going to need more resources and more investment in order to deal with the rising tide of people attempting to enter the UK illegally.'There has been investment in new equipment like carbon dioxide lances which they can poke into lorries to see if people are breathing on there and scanners which can image the bodies through the side of lorries.'But they try and target the trucks they think are most likely to be carrying migrants.

There have been previous finds in Polish-operated lorries and it comes as nor surprise that these lorries were Polish-operated.'The message should go out to migrants that if they get this far, they are still likely to get caught.

In fact arrivals of the small Greek holiday island of Kos have already topped 6,000 in 2015 - arriving at a rate of 300 a day - leaving its population of 32,000 wondering how many more people they can take.

In a stark representation of the the sharply rising numbers of migrants heading to Greece, there have already been 32,160 more arrivals in the first five months of 2015 than there were in the whole of 2014.

The number heading to the Italy - usually through the island of Sicily and the southern province of Apulia - have stayed relatively stable this year, but have still hit 46,500 in just five months.

With thousands of migrants having already drowned in the deceptively appealing waters of the Mediterranean Sea this year, Europe is facing an unprecedented obligation not just to save the lives of desperate men, women and children, but also to work out exactly what can be done to ensure those who survive the perilous voyage, where often the criminal gangs trafficking them can prove as fearsome and ruthless as the sea itself.

A Stena Line spokesman said: 'Stena Line can confirm that a number of different lorries carrying 68 clandestines were stopped by Border Control at Harwich International Port last night as they disembarked from the Stena Hollandica.

Th Giles Young, senior officer with Border Force at Harwich International Port, told Chelmsford Coroners' Court: 'We see a lot of these particular cases and the same people will turn up two or three times.

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