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The "ball" made no course changes, just traveled in a straight line about 3 feet off the ground.

It struck him square in the chest and blew his shirt off of him.

The bedroom, with only 1 (blocked) window, is densely dark, w/only very faint light coming from open door.

It left no scorch marks on the door or on the carpet, and didn't affect the electrical circuits or the TV near where it appeared.

If I had not seen it, I would have had no way of knowing it had happened.

It had been raining and storming most of the morning and then there was some calm in which I felt it was okay to run into town to do some errands.

Upon returning home and just after turning onto a county road, I was probably no more than 250' down the road when (simultaneously I believe) a deafening crash of thunder and a tremendous bolt of lightning hit on the side of the road approx. I somehow knew this and instinctively ducked my head downwards as I kept hold of the steering wheel because I felt that the car was going to be hit.

I could never work out what it was until someone told me of that there was a moron friend of his going around talking about some ball lightning he had witnessed, it's a shame they cannot be recreated.

Karl On November 15, 2011 I had a very unusal experience.Instantaneously, a bright light appeared in the middle of my room it was a ball of 20cm floating with a soft trembling (120cm over the floor), its color was the color of the "electricity", I mean the same color of lightings, it was there by 3-5sec then suddenly again desappeared, no explosion, no sound.I was alone with closed doors, my window also closed but the curtains were open.NHarrison I experienced what I believe must have been a form of ball lightning in the mid-1980s.I was living in a top-floor apartment in Springfield, Virginia.The ceiling and walls appear covered with a moving pattern of pale "worm shaped" lights (just a lighter shade of "dark, if that makes sense---no color.) Am lying on my back and notice, peripherally, a soft orange-yellow glow coming from down low behind my husband's nightstand which is in a corner of the room.

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