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But she soon became very much in demand internationally and, as a result, she knows many of the leading designers personally including Karl Lagerfeld who is a close friend: ‘Karl lives near me in St-Germain, so when I am going to a premiere and I need to borrow a dress, I just call him up.’Having worked with the best in the business, she has acquired both an appreciation of and passion for high-end fashion.‘I adore Chanel, Valentino and Ferretti and I also really like Phillip Lim in the US.Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, and they were divorced almost five years later in 2006. However, her father abandoned her family when she was 13, in part because of his alcoholism, which also must have had an impact on her.

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All the same, she has resisted falling prey to the body-conscious excesses of La-La land.‘I haven’t caught the Californian bug of jogging with a personal trainer before a breakfast of wheatgrass,’ she laughs.

‘I like to keep fit by walking everywhere, which everyone finds shocking because no one goes anywhere on foot in this city – so when I say, “Hey, come on, it’s only five blocks,” I’m greeted with wide-eyed horror.’ star turned grown-up heart-throb Joshua Jackson, 29, is fortunately not averse to leaving the comfort of his air-con.

Fate intervened in spectacular fashion when, two years later, she won an Elite modelling competition and left Germany for the ateliers of Paris.‘Looking back, I can hardly believe my mother let me go off aged 15, and I’m not sure I’d let a daughter of mine go abroad on her own at that age, but I was a good girl and the fact that my mother placed her trust in me made me grow up quite quickly, because I wanted to justify that trust.’At first it was all very bewildering.

Unable to speak French, Diane was nonetheless given a Metro map and dispatched to castings, where she struggled to understand what was going on.

But I don’t want to complain – “Oh they always see me as a princess, poor little me” – because I would sound like such an idiot!

’Troy was regarded as a cinematic turkey – even the presence of Brad Pitt as Achilles and Orlando Bloom as Paris couldn’t save it – so it’s a testament to Diane’s on-screen presence that despite this, and the fact that her two-dimensional role made it hard to tell whether she could act or not, her stock nevertheless soared in the wake of the film’s release.‘I personally like the second movie better because it felt we all knew what we were doing and we had a blast,’ says Diane.

Diane Kruger winces at the ‘most beautiful’ soubriquet, but admits that since she was plucked from obscurity and cast as Helen of Troy – beating off competition from 3,000 actresses including, allegedly, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts – in 2004, her movie career that has been nothing short of meteoric., it was only my second ever film, and it was an incredible opportunity, but it’s also been a very heavy weight to carry around with me,’ she says.

‘Even now it’s difficult to get work that interests me because you get pigeonholed very easily in Hollywood, and so I get offered a lot of parts where I’m just supposed to be the eye candy love interest.

But she concedes that she and Jackson work hard to see each other as often as they can: ‘I’ve realised that if you want to make it happen enough, it will happen.’Although independent in spirit and single-minded in her pursuit of her goals, Diane also possesses rather a contradictory ‘que sera sera’ fatalism about her life and career.

‘I firmly believe that when one door closes another door opens.

If I never got another acting job again, I would turn to writing or production – I’ve already co-produced an independent film in France.

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