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"Some guys assume sex will happen on a first date and other’s don’t, so it can be really empowering to say, ' I don’t care about the rules – I want to sleep with you because I want to know if you can ­satisfy my needs.'" "I think it’s better to get straight to the point, and I’m like that with the initial chatting, too."If I meet someone online then I will ask to meet up straight away.

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Melissa, who is a full-time carer for her 14-year-old son Jaden, says: "I think just as many women have sex on a first date as men – we just don’t talk about it. "When a man gets a woman into bed on a first date they’re labelled a hero.

If a woman does it, they get a bad name for themselves." "Having sex on a first date is like trying before you buy.

"The best sex I’ve ever had is when it’s spontaneous after a first date.

It adds a bit of adventure." "But I expect guys to make the first move and I never take a guy home with me. "It gives a good insight into who they are before you commit to a second date.

"I’ve had to give a few guys the brush-off after sleeping with them as the spark wasn’t there.

"I’m quite a sexual person so that’s important to me. "I think my friends are unsupportive when I sleep with someone on a first date because they’re in long-term ­relationships.

"If the sex isn’t­ good then I’m not ­interested." "If I was attracted to a man I would always want to sleep with him so I would find out if there could be a reason for a second date.

"I would be very honest if I didn’t find him that attractive or if I felt like we weren’t connecting on a mental level.

"I’d simply tell him I didn’t see a relationship developing – but I would make it clear that I was interested in ­having sex that night if that’s what he wanted too." "It’s important to be ­honest about these things as you don’t want to end up in a situation where one person likes the other more.

"I always make it clear if I’m looking to have sex with them for that night only, or if I am looking for something more." SINGLE mum Melissa ­Wilkinson from Allerton Bywater, West Yorks, says having sex on the first date is normal – and she likes to try before she buys.

Office worker Delilah says: "I am seeing somebody at the moment but still dating other men because it’s important to keep your options open.

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