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Allegedly, he and Henry were attempting to stop a runaway brush fire in their property when they became separated by the smoke and the blaze.

The evil characters perpetrated the most abhorrent of crimes, from skinning victims and making suits to eating human flesh.

But what many people don’t know is that the men were all inspired by a real-life killer – a diminutive, unassuming bachelor from Wisconsin who committed murders, and other crimes, that were just as atrocious and unspeakable as his cinematic counterparts.

"In the 23rd Century, Humans have colonized the Solar System. All it will take is a single spark."A space opera and mystery series based on the book series of the same name written by James S. On May 26, at the International Space Development Conference, Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon Studios has officially picked the series up for additional seasons.

The Inner Planets depend on the resources of the Asteroid Belt. In the Belt, air and water are more precious than gold. Earth, Mars and the Belt are now on the brink of war. Alcon Entertainment, however, announced plans to shop the series around in an effort to continue it, and a fan campaign to get the show picked up by a streaming platform quickly followed.

He also began visiting a tavern in Pine Grove, seven miles away, that was run by Mary Hogan – a stout, middle-aged woman who seemed to remind him of his mother and engendered a weird fascination in the lonely bachelor.

No one thought to finger Ed when Mary Hogan disappeared on December 8, 1954 – leaving behind no trace but blood at the scene of her business.

Later, at the cemetery, he stood with tears and snot running down his face as the casket was lowered into the ground.

Then he said a tearful goodbye to the few family members who had bothered to show up and retreated back to the sanctuary of his farmhouse.’He continued taking odd jobs, however, and supplemented his meager income by renting out some land.

Bernice Worden had been found.’The horrific sight, however, was far from the only grotesque discovery that authorities would encounter.‘One of the officers picked up a crudely shaped soup bowl, still bearing the congealed remnants of Ed’s last meal, then rapidly put it down when he realized what it was – the top half of a human skull,’ Keller writes.

‘There were other skulls, too, including some that were hung from the posts of Gein’s bed as decoration.’ Gein had been hanging around Worden's general store in the days before killing her; her son discovered the store empty, noticed blood and realized receipts showed Gein as the last customer on the day she disappeared - prompting authorities to search Gein's house Police investigators move a car as they search for evidence in a garage on the Gein property in November 1957; Gein had joked about transporting victim Mary Hogan in his truck but no one took him seriously Other human trophies collected by Gein and kept in his house included a box full of noses, a belt made from female nipples, a shade pull made out of a pair of lips and a 'skin suit' made of a pair of leggings and a top piece that included a woman’s sagging breasts In the kitchen, one officer ‘found a chair with oddly colored strips of leather forming the seat,’ Keller writes.

She moved the family to an even more rural area when Ed was about seven years old, relocating to an isolated farm in the town of Plainfield in Waushara County, Wisconsin.

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