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I figured with that kind of experience under her belt, she might know a thing or two about dating. We get so excited about the prospect of a new guy in our lives that we obsess over what we're going to wear, how we'll do our hair, what we'll ask him, when our wedding will be, and maybe even what our kids will look like.This puts major pressure on the man, and the date itself, to be perfect.It’s the familiar cry of women left scratching their heads after a seemingly wonderful date with Mr. ” Since I didn’t have the answer, I turned to someone who did.

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People are busy however, and can only meet so many people on their own.

Dating is a numbers game after all, and that's where online dating has its strength.

Doing this takes a lot of the pressure off, allows people to be themselves, and paves the way for people to make real connections.

The attitude you go into a date with is everything, it sets the mood for the whole experience.

Jessie Kay Kravik is a Los Angeles-based matchmaker and founder of The Real

She boasts 18 years of experience in the business of love, creating hundreds of relationships and many marriages.

If you are able to share your views with each other respectfully without a major clash, you are off to a good start!

Chemistry plays a big role in compatibility as well, so going for a walk by the water or making a meal together and simply enjoying each other's company is a great way to see if you and your date could have a future.

JK: The key to rejecting someone kindly and effectively is to not insult them but still be firm.

Politely say, "Thank you, I'm flattered by your offer, but I'm not interested in going out with you." If you know the person, you could suggest friendship. JK: In a perfect world, everyone would meet in person and get to know each other face-to-face.

Be open and energetic and your date will mirror your demeanor.

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