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You can disable the tunnel connection at any point of time.If the server returns the endpoint as compliant, ISE issues a change of authorization and allows the endpoint on the network.Property List File Check for OS X for the administrator to check the value of a specified property in a specified file.

If the endpoint is not enrolled with the MDM server, it will have to go through the enrollment process.

Guest Enhancements A sponsor can now change the guest type of an existing guest account in the Sponsor portal.

If the Primary Administration Node goes down, you can manually promote the Secondary Administration Node or configure automatic failover for administration persona.

This persona evaluates the policies and makes all the decisions.

A node with this persona aggregates and correlates the data that it collects to provide meaningful reports.

Cisco ISE allows a maximum of two nodes with this persona that can assume primary or secondary roles for high availability.

Cisco Customer Support cannot establish the tunnel without your intervention.

You will receive notification about the service logins.

The Certificate Provisioning portal allows a privileged set of users to upload a certificate request for such devices, generate key pairs if required , and download the certificate.

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