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I had to figure something to do.” He’d go on to win the bout and started dating the Octagon Girl a few weeks later.

Chris Weidman and Carlos Condit are the HOTTEST fighters in the UFC ... even though dating fighters is "looked down upon." But the best part?

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Octagon girls dating fighters dating someone less intelligent than you

With that said, it is always a good idea to try to quit smoking.

The so-called “positives” of smoking should never be chosen over your life.

Ok, so she wasn’t an Octagon girl, but as an added bonus, let’s not forget the fact that UFC legend Chuck Liddell used to date Willa Ford.

Ford was the host of the first season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality show which Chuck Liddell coached opposite Randy Couture at a time when he was still the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion.

The surprising thing is that some of the following list’s entries might shock you.

So, who is the most unlikely UFC fighter/Octagon girl pair ever? 5) Josh Burkman and Arianny Celeste Let’s let Burkman himself tell us about the time he laid eyes on the beautiful Celeste as he was actually fighting and defending a rear-naked choke in a bout with Chad Reiner at a UFC Fight Night event in January of 2007: “I saw her and I thought to myself, ‘I can’t let myself get choked out in front of her.As the most famous Octagon girl of all-time, Arianny Celeste could have pretty much any man she cares to bat her eyelashes at, so it many come as something of a surprise that once upon a time she dated none-other than Josh Burkman. Burkman would go on to win the fight, taking his UFC record to 4-1 at the time, and then a few weeks later plucked up the courage to ask out the Octagon girl.Burkman, a product of The Ultimate Fighter season 2, was in the process of fighting off a rear-naked choke in a bout with Chad Reiner at a UFC Fight Night event in January of 2007 when he suddenly spotted Celeste sitting Octagon-side. She said yes and the two would go on to date for several months in 2007 before breaking up.Fans often like to speculate as to whether any of the fighters on the UFC roster have managed to successfully woo the Octagon girls, and all kinds of rumors have been spread over the years as to who may or may not have been dating.In this article we’ll stick to the facts rather than the hearsay as we name six lucky UFC fighters who genuinely have dated an Octagon girl…and let’s just say that one or two are going to raise a few eyebrows!It is one of the most addictive and harmful habits that you could develop. Well for starters, it is more addictive than heroin or cocaine, the side-effects can often lead to death and despite people knowing all of this, they still smoke.

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