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This is nice and straightforward and tends to make patients very happy.Sometimes this complexity makes them mentally ill, and sometimes it makes them come to psychiatrists and ask for help, but there’s no guarantee that the thing that they’re asking about is actually the problem.

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The psychiatrist said she would never be able to get over her provoking-her-husband problem until she admitted the depth of her narcissism.

The patient refused to keep seeing the psychiatrist after that, and the psychiatrist commented that it had been a hopeless case from the beginning – the extent of her narcissism was so great that she would never acknowledge that somebody else might know more than she did.

While we are going through the forms, her phone rings:)(She said this while we were sitting in a building, nowhere near her car or the road. I took my documents to the nearest branch of the same bank and had an account set up in less than an hour.)(I really enjoy drinking tea, and prefer loose-leaf tea.

I keep a couple of air-tight, cylindrical containers full of tea in my office.

On the bright side, she now gives me, and my office, a wide berth because of my negative attitude.)(I am 18 and moving three hours away to work at my grandpa’s business for a year before going overseas for University and then coming back to work at Grandpa’s.

I am buying an apartment, and planning to have it rented out while I’m overseas.

She leads me to understand that it’s very complicated to set up a bank account for a foreigner.

According to her, I need additional documentation to set up the account, so we have to meet a second time.)(Since I’m not familiar with the local traffic, I don’t make any assumptions as to whether or not it’s normal to have a jam in the midafternoon. There are a lot of forms to fill out and she seems to be giving me conflicting information as to what documents I need, compared to the first meeting.

I have just restocked one with some black tea pearls.

This is tea that is compressed and shaped like little balls, which expand as they steep.

Any halfway decent psychiatrist uses both attitudes at different times, but most people I know tend to lean to one side or the other.

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