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This blog is focusing on the married group of couples who there is truly barely to no sexual intimacy.

Thus, quality is lacking because quantity is lacking.

Those married men and women who are sexually deprived often feel guilty expressing their disappointment, since in all other ways they feel so blessed. So, I will be the voice for those sexually deprived husbands and wives and state: your desire to have a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse is just that – healthy. Sigh….fourth night in a row I had been promised sex and another cancellation.

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Yes, agreed, create a healthy fulfilling sexual marital relationship is the ideal. Author of 3 books: 10 Seconds To Mental Health, Dr.

I am spotlighting the specific piece of sexual deprivation that I far too often hear men and women report. Is it not the responsibility, the obligation of the spouse to do something about this rather than keep their spouse dry not to give any water at all? Karen's Marriage Manual, and 9 Key Techniques For Raising Children.

I do not have sexual needs, as far back as I can recall I never really did. Or, the scenario rather is: I never had a large sex drive, but it was certainly more than it currently is.

My wife does have sexual desires and she is longing for sexual activity with me. I just don’t have an interest in being sexual with my wife, although I did at one time.

My desire for you is to connect in a sexually intimate way that pleases both of you in quantity and in quality. The goal is to find a healthy sexual balance of quantity and quality that fits for both the husband and the wife.

With that in mind, today’s blog is addressing the one specific topic which is to take action if there’s no sexual intimacy.Thus, there is no experience of quality enhancement as quantity is little to non existent.Case Scenario A: I am not interested in being sexually intimate with my husband. Outcome For Scenario A: Husband lives an existence in marriage where he is sexually deprived.Rather than the relationship continue to decline and disconnect sexually as the years continue, take action.Case Scenario B: I do not have much of a sexual drive.Perhaps over time as you provide a sexual intimate experience for your spouse you too will see that sexual intimacy is for you too. Shows include: Ingraham Angle, Your World With Neil Cavuto, Coast To Coast, Hannity, O'Reilly Factor, Real Story With Gretchen Carlson, America's Newsroom, America's News HQ, FOX & Friends, FOX & Friends FIRST, America Live, Willis Report, John Stossel, and more. It would be interesting to know if she views the sexual relationship in marriage as an important part of having a healthy connected marriage. Rather, perhaps if she and you were to read this blog together, as well as the commentary in response to this article, it may open up a dialogue beyond what the two of you have experienced prior to this blog. For marriage is sacred, a beautiful gift that can grow over time when the plant of marriage is watered. Karen Reply Hello I need help, been married for over twenty years. You mention you are the initiator and you start in the same spot. If she is not taking action, it may very well be on you to take action. To interact during the sexual encounter differently.

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