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It also has its own electric power system, consisting of a solar array and battery for providing continuous power.

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During the trip to Mars, Vx Works ran applications dedicated to the navigation and guidance phase of the mission, and also had a pre-programmed software sequence for handling the complexity of the entry-descent-landing.

Once landed, the applications were replaced with software for driving on the surface and performing scientific activities. The Morse code pattern (for "JPL") is represented by small (dot) and large (dash) holes in three horizontal lines on the wheels. Typically 225 kbit/day of commands are transmitted to the rover directly from Earth, at a data rate of 1–2 kbit/s, during a 15-minute (900 second) transmit window, while the larger volumes of data collected by the rover are returned via satellite relay.

In December 2012, the debris field from the cruise stage was located by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Since the initial size, velocity, density and impact angle of the hardware are known, it will provide information on impact processes on the Mars surface and atmospheric properties.

A primary goal when selecting the landing site was to identify a particular geologic environment, or set of environments, that would support microbial life.

Planners looked for a site that could contribute to a wide variety of possible science objectives.

They preferred a landing site with both morphologic and mineralogical evidence for past water.

Furthermore, a site with spectra indicating multiple hydrated minerals was preferred; clay minerals and sulfate salts would constitute a rich site.

The relay time varies with the distance between the two planets and took minutes at the time of landing.

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